Daniel Rose's essays and speeches have recently been compiled into a book, published in 2014 by Half Moon Press, entitled "Making a Living, Making a Life". The book is available here to read, chapter by chapter, by clicking on the links below.

The book can also be purchased at Amazon.com

Title, Acknowledgments, Contents, Preface
Making a Living, Making a Life
The Complete Life
Good Cities vs. Great Cities
Chazak, Chazak
Denial in American Life
Times that Try Men's Souls
Quo Vadis Redux - Part I
Quo Vadis Redux - Part II
Toward a New Black American Narrative
My Brother's Keeper
Little Acorns, Great Oaks
Speaking with Iran
Talleyrand Entertains Metternich
Return to Sinai
St. Crispin and the Mott Hall School
Leadership for the Seventies
The Rothschilds Celebrate Waterloo
Message, Messenger, Audience
Pat Moynihan, Where Are You When We Really Need You?
Fighting Alligators vs. Draining the Swamp
Judaism - A Personal View
How to Build Better for Less
Housing and the Elderly
Gotham Apartments and Soviet Vegetables
Alexander Pope and the Challenge of Urban Regeneration
Landmarks Preservation and the Law
Ulysses and Modern Business Enterprise
Evolving New York
New York/London
You Didn't Build That Alone
Gertrude Stein and the Real Estate Market
America's Unfinished Agenda
Servicing the Global City - Part I
Servicing the Global City - Part II
Working Together for the Benefit of All
Urban Challenges Today
New York - Today and Tomorrow
Secrets of Real Estate Development
On Happiness
Restoring Trust, Confidence and Hope
Black and White in the New Century
Capitalism Today
Philanthropy vs. Charity
Development Challenges for Africa
As America Looks Ahead
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